Monday, October 09, 2006

True love never dies

PUMA and EVISU have collaborated to launch a denim collection called "True Love Never Dies". Building upon the love theme, the jeans feature unique details representative of the union. Special sundries, including PUMA-EVISU enamel buttons, pins, rivets and EVISU-Loves-PUMA fabric patches, are integrated into the overall design. The fabric lining of the pockets features a graphic design that is playfully reminiscent of scribbled love notes. Leaving no design element unchecked, the jeans feature distinct two-color stitching, symbolic of two brands, in fresh hues for the denim market: yellow citrus and strawberry blonde.

Worn Out $180.00

Rigid $160.00

Our waist size is running small. Please order one size larger than normal.

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