Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NEW TB T-Shop... enjoy it!

Do good, feel pretty... - In a world of zero free-rides or time to smell the flowers, it's never too late to get involved with Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns, simply incorporating 'think pink' decisions into our everyday life. $22.40

Voo-doo him yourself - Pick up your best friend's broken heart pieces with the coolest 'after break up' t-shirt. Have a good laugh! :) Lavender glitter design. $34.40
Girls Night IN - We can be sissies, drama queenies, tough cookies on a daily basis. But, from time to time we just wanna have fun, forget about the Hollywood glow, the celebrity diet's tips... because, sometimes... the best therapy is to sit back & laugh it off :) Rhinestones design & silver glitter text. $22.40

Inked Mom - I'm an inked mom and proud of it! Painful compromise, though :) $21.90

Still giving you butterflies - Still believe your man can undertand one of your 'looks', see the storm coming or read between 1,000 lines every time you try to SAY something? :) Don't sweat it. $24.40

More designs coming soon...

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