Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sample SALE at Karmaloop

"We've got some fresh gear, but only limited sizes. So we figured, since we can't offer you the full monty (of size runs,... ) we are offering you the next best thing: SUPER CHEAP STUFF! These items are all available at or, gaspedy gasp, below their cost to us..." - Karmaloop

Black Ribeye Military Cadet Hat - Not exactly named after a cut of meat, this hat has a mad texture you won't be able to keep your hands off. See those grooves? Those are grooves of happiness; and from the way you've been acting lately, it sure looks like you could use a little. $7.00

The Dope Mic 2 T-Shirt - The easiest and most sought after solution to the suggestion posed by this shirt is to, ironically, purchase the shirt. Go figure. $16.00

LX8500 (Shoes By Reebok) - $42.50

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