Monday, October 23, 2006

The newest look is really "old hat"

From fedora hats to bucket hats to newsboys, Goorin Brothers plays an important role in contributing dope hat styles in a country once again fascinated with dope lids.
Goorin Brothers was born one hundred years ago when Cassel Goorin sold his first hat off a horse cart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (we don't know if it was a fedora hat). Four generations later, the Goorin family is the oldest family run hat company in America. Goorin Brothers is based in San Francisco and is led by Cassel's great grandson, Benjamin Goorin - a great hat styles aficionado. Bucket hat on melon, Benjamin notes, "hats have become such a huge part of how young people express themselves today. We have needed to evolve so much to keep up with today's market. This is the most exciting time for our company because hats and different hat styles have become such a huge statement in today's pop culture."

Pink Ribeye Military Cadet Hat $15.00

The Black Stoli Jeep Hat $22.00

The Creme Urkel Beanie $22.00

The Olive Bert Beanie $22.00

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Chanel said...

How cute are these! I just bought one similar to the red one that Mary Kate wears, you know, that cute slouch one, I love it! But some of these are the absolute cutest! And not the most expensive... I like that.