Tuesday, October 03, 2006

'Gadget Parade' at Spilsbury

Conventional goods with an unconventional twist. They are too cool to just... keep looking at them! Make sure you get a couple for you, your hubby, the kids, etc...

NEW! Programmable scrolling message license plate frame! - Super-bright LEDs make sure your message is visible day or night. Create and control up to five messages (up to 120 scrolling characters each) with the remote control (battery included). 8-10 characters visible at a time. $49.95

NEW! Deliver beverages by radio control! - Put one or two cups, cans or bottles into the sporty Beverage Buddy and use the radio control to make your delivery. Uses 9V and 4 AA batteries, not included. 13" long. $49.95

NEW! World's largest crossword puzzle is 7 feet tall! - For those who can't get enough, we've got the answer, 28,000 of them to be exact! Jumbo puzzle stretches out across 7 feet of floor or wall space and contains a grid of 91,000 squares. 100-page clue book contains 28,000 clues with no repeats. 4 foot fold-out reveals the answers. $29.95

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1 comment:

TaraMetBlog said...

I can forsee some mean fashion plate messages driving by, but very cool.