Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Halloween Decor (under $13.00)

Scare your friends & family with creepy, crawly, realistic Halloween decor:

Set of 2 Vampire Bats - So realistic, they're sure to send a chill up your spine and have you ducking for cover. They're covered with hair, and their reflective eyes appear to almost glow red. Wingspan: 21-1/2". Sale $6.88

Flying Grim Reaper - Hang 25' cord between two trees, and sound-activated Grim Reaper will come flying to frighten visitors. With a black flowing robe, creepy face, and interior wire to make arms poseable. 3' tall. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included. Sale $12.88

Rusty Barbed Wire -- 100 feet - Looks just like rusty barbed wire, but it's soft, flexible plastic. Decorate with this huge roll (100 feet) of "barbed wire." Ages 3 and up. $12.88

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Spilsbury - $5 off $25 (125x125) 2

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