Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take control, carry your own condoms

Condom Compack In Petulant Pink

You will always feel confident and chic while carrying this discreet , beautiful compact. Each compact is coated in clear acrylic. Compact opens to a mirror, with a hidden compartment for condoms. Price: $19.95

Another GREAT cosmetic solution

Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Pen Hot Pink

Fast-dry Formula and Handy Application make it Easy to Use Anytime, Anywhere. With Panthenol and Anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C, & E to Condition Nails. Contains a UV Protector to help keep Color Fresh and True. Salon and Dermatologist Tested. Great for Pedicures Too. Price: $9.49

To dig or not to dig - that's the right question

Mini Purse Mate by Joey Junior

For the right answer: Slip the Mini Purse Mate inside your handbag and then organize your items into the 4 pockets. Your cell phone can go in one pocket. Your sunglasses or reading glasses can be placed in another pocket. The third pocket can hold your credit cards, driver?s license or cash. Finally the fourth pocket is perfect for your lipstick and compact. And on top of all that - there is an over sized lobster claw clasp attached to a 6inch lead that is specially designed to hold your car keys! There you have it - everything you need organized neatly and easy to find! Another great feature is that with everything organized into the Mini Purse Mate, you can easily switch handbags. Price: $14.95

Apparel Essentials

Yummie Tummie Tank - Long Length tk1000

Slim and smooth your midsection while wearing this stylish Yummie Tummie Tank. Long length, Won't cling to clothes Slims midsection while hiding bumps. Will not roll up, Form-fitting, Spandex tummy panel. Wicks moisture away from skin, Perfect for layering, Constructed with 100% soft Cotton. Price: $62.00

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Puparazzi Alert

Angelina Growlie Puparazzi Pup Dog Toy

It was a dream...a very powerful dream...with lots of Toys. Inspired by top fashion designers, these toys are the brainchild of Haute Diggity Dog. Colorful, unique and whimsical. Price: $14.95

Living la vida... sweatless!

Garment Guard 12-Pair Pack

Never let them see you, or your man sweat. Disposable underarm shields are 100% soft breathable cotton that protect that special dress or suit from discoloration and damage. Simply peel and stick on the inside of your garment, the moleskin is nice to your fabric and your skin. Discreet and comfortable. 12 pairs. Price: $23.00

Something nice for yourself

Wishbone with Tobacco-Colored Silk Cord Wish Necklace - 16"

Add a Fun Accessory to Your Wardrobe with this Charm Necklace. Price: $26.00

Soft as marshmallows

Havaianas Women's Summer 08 Sandal

Havaianas are truly the best rubber sandals in the world. The ultra-high quality of Havaianas is due to a top secret rubber recipe that makes the sandals soft as marshmallows, light and highly durable. There are many knock-offs in the marketplace, but Havaianas customers know that there is no substitute for the authentic comfort and quality.
Since their creation in the 1960's, Havaianas collections have a large variety of fashionable colors, styles and prints. Havaianas are showcased on fashion runways around the world, as well as at the most prestigious events. Price: $19.95

For the common man. Not!

philosophy the common man, extra-comfort shaving cream 3.3 oz (93.6 g)

the common man is a special shaving cream designed especially for the common man with uncommonly sensitive skin. this cream causes a slight numbing sensation to the skin to make shaving more tolerable. Price: $12.00

Dont Drink and Dial

Dont Drink and Dial T-shirt

You can never have too many reminders! Don't Drink and Dial graphic on front. Small Be As You Are logo at back of neck. Super soft 100% combed cotton. Watermelon Pink. Womens slim fit. Machine Wash. Price: $24.00

Baby's first best friend

Summer Infant Nature's Purest My First Toy Giraffe

The adorable little safari animal will instantly become baby's first best friend. It is made from super soft 100% naturally colored organic cotton interlock fabric. This toy has a jingle ball inside for additional interest for baby. It is packaged on recycled corrugate so toy can be pegged or shelved. No dyes, chemicals, or pesticides make this toy safe as well as fun and good for the environment. Price: $12.99

Bringing sexy back

Sexy Peel Handmade Soap by LUSH
No time for a nap? Take a shower with this glorious handmade soap replete with lemon, lime and grapefruit to invigoratingly rejuvenate your senses. With a bold howdy do, the citrus bouquet awakens even the most tired of spirits and welcomes you back to the world of the living, clean and new. Sexy Peel keeps your eyes wide open, your head on straight and your skin clear and radiant. Price: $5.40

Smart Design Bag

Baggu Reusable Shopping Tote - 6-Pack

Smart Design
Baggu was designed by mother-daughter team Joan and Emily in California. They both saw the need for a better reusable bag, and after dozens of prototypes, came up with a solution that makes using reusable bags stylish, practical and easy.
Plastic Bags & the Planet
The average family brings home 1,000 bags every year. Most of those bags end up in land fills. That really adds up - 100 billion plastic bags are sent to landfill in the US each year.

In landfills, it can take up to 1000 years for a bag to decompose. Plastics don't biodegrade, they photo-degrade, breaking down into tiny toxic pieces that contaminate soil and water or harm wildlife.

Every time you use your Baggu bag instead of plastic or paper you are doing something good.

Price $38.00