Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dessert? Pampering time? Candle-lite night?

Is it just me or you want to buy all the treats 'Natty Products' is featuring this season too? I have between lil' to zero-free time lately, but... I may have to make some room for: dessert? pampering time? candle-lite night? :)

Natural Baby Bath & Body Products by Natty Products

DREAMY TREATS BATH BOMBS - These Dreamy Bath Treats are an extra large 7 ounces of skin soothing bliss. We have taken two halves of our fizzing bath bombs and lusciously sandwiched them together with Cocoa Butter for a bath melt fizzing experience. To top off this dreamy treat, we then dip the tops with another round of scented cocoa buttter. Ice cream cone not included. $5.50 each

Natural Baby Bath & Body Products by Natty Products

TIPPY TOES FOOT BALM - Tippy Toes will freshen and moisturize tired, overworked feet. Shea Butter will soothe and hydrate while Organic Basil, Organic Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils will freshen and combat bateria and fungi. Use every night before bed or after Tippy Toes Foot Fizz. $12.00

Natural Baby Bath & Body Products by Natty Products

OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE CANDLE - Yummy!… smells just like the cookies Grandma used to bake, loaded with plump raisins, rolled oats with high notes of fresh cinnamon. $15.95

Natty Products Bath and Body: Fresh, handcrafted bath and body products with an urban twist.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WIN against Breast Cancer

Elf Cosmetics

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Purchase our Special e.l.f. Color Therapy Kit for $10 & 20% of the proceeds will go to WIN ABC.

Denim and more denim... on SALE

"I’ve always had great respect for fashion icons and their impact on society. I’m working to fulfill my vision of creating a brand that incorporates every aspect of my life," said Jennifer Lopez. "I am in the fashion business to create a brand that will have an effect on the women’s marketplace."

Jean with Front Flap Pocket Original Price: $79.00 Sale Price: $58.99 - Try the jean everyone has been talking about. Jennifer presents her beloved stretch denim jean in a hot new skinny silhouette. This unique wash and cool front flap pocket freshen up a JLO classic.

5 Pocket Jean with Foil Detail Original Price: $98.00 Sale Price: $72.99 - Jennifer's classic non-stretch denim gets bedazzled with metallic silver foiling along waistband and legs. This specialty denim piece is finished with a button/zip fly closure, traditional 5 pocket styling, and contrast stitching throughout.

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TB introducing PaperPlain

"We're a t-shirt company that attempts to stand out from the crowd. Nothing too trendy... just cool, basic humorous t-shirts that stand out in their stylish simplicity and vintage originality. Out first line of T-Shirts, animals, was selected basically because 'people like animals' and 'people like animal t-shirts'. Animals have a universal appeal to both old and young, rich and poor, optimistic and pessimistic audiences. Paper Plain Animal T-Shirt Company recognizes the mistakes of many a T-shirt maker because we realize that attempting to capture the qualities of an animal with a photo will always fail. Also check out the Flowergirl T-Shirt, Tree of Life T-Shirt...We like vintage t-shirts and walrus t-shirts..." - PaperPlain

Sushi anyone?

Sushi Tray Gift Set - Everything you need to enjoy sushi for two. Includes black wooden tray (17½" x 11¾"), two ceramic dipping dishes (2¾" diam.), two ceramic sushi plates (3½" x 8"), two rolled placemats (18" x 11¾"), and two pairs of chopsticks with rests. Dishwasher-safe ceramics; wooden items wipe clean. SALE $19.99

Coconut Chopsticks -
Classic implements for eating Asian food, these 10" chopsticks are coconut wood. The set comprises 10 pairs. Hand wash and dry. $7.95

Sushi Board -
A traditional presentation for sushi that’s equally lovely for other dishes. Laminated bamboo strips with ultra smooth food-safe lacquer coating. 6" x 9½". $15.95

Look for these items under SALE Items at:
234 X 60 Sur La Table Banner

Gossipaway #32

THE PRIZE - Lindy Sue's - Dainties Travel Bag


I (moi) will post a one of the following: A movie quote, a celebrity trivia question or a mystery celebrity sighting. Email your responses to The first correct answer is the winner & will receive an email notification, as well as celebrity red-carpet treatment with mention in the Gossip blog & Thrifty Boutique's fab blog. Good luck hotties!

Who is this HOTTIE?
Winner: Belinda M from MS. Congratulations!

Answer: Rachel Bilson

Love from Gossipaway winners:
"I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the prize gift. The earrings are just lovely (from Trunkshop). I love the color and how they dangle! Thanks again!" - Vanna
"I just received the hair clips from My Perennial and they are TOO CUTE! My four year old daughter has already laid claim to them. Thanks again and keep up the great site!!!" - Miwa
--..."thank you for the beautiful earrings! (Happy earrings from Bonnin Designs) I just adore your jewelry so much, it really makes me happy wearing it! Thanks again! Always," - Sandra
--"I just wanted to let you know I received the t-shirt (Ally Moon) yesterday. It's so cute! Thank you for mailing it so quickly, I really appreciate it. Your quizzes are a great idea, and the fact that the prizes are so nice makes it doubly good..." - Kelly
--"I just wanted to let you know that I have received the beautiful necklace (Roots of Art). (And was that a rose scented envelope too? . . . The package even smelled wonderful!) Thanks so much for the fun contest and the great prize." - Belinda
-- "I got my earrings and necklace--they are B E A U T I F U L! Thanks so much and I look forward to wearing them all the time! Even I will find clothes to match them or not! :-) Many thanks!" - Shannon
-- I wanted to let you know that I received my "R.R.R." t-shirt (The R's Project). It is so cute - thanks! " - Nickie
-- "Thanks. I got it yesterday. It is even cuter in person than the picture on line. (Reality Shoe tank). Thanks again!" - Erica

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On-the-road essentials

"Our Mission: To be America's leading source of travel supplies by providing a superior selection of travel products to make travel more comfortable, safe, and rewarding, and by providing the best possible customer experience." - Magellan's

If your car is your office on wheels, treat yourself to the Auto Exec Portable Desk. A clever way to keep office essentials organized and accessible on the road, this portable desk has plenty of space to store files, laptop, pens, maps, computer accessories, notebooks and more. Its hinged top unfolds to create a generous workspace, and your laptop can be attached to keep it secure when the car is moving. Fits any vehicle and secures easily with a seatbelt. (20 x 15 x 10½”; 26” incl. rear storage) $109.00

Too many portable electronics and only one lighter socket? No problem. The Three-Way Car Adaptor plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket, giving you three DC sockets to operate and charge your cell phone, laptop, PDA, iPod® or other devices. It has both 12V and 24V DC power capability, fuse protection for added safety, and a convenient swivel design that adjusts to any angle. (5 x 3½ x 1¼”) $14.85

Universal iPod® Navigator charges and plays your iPod in your car. Using the 12-volt cigarette lighter port, the Universal iPod Navigator automatically charges and mounts your iPod while digitally transmitting your personal play list through the in-dash stereo speakers. The wireless and cordless digital technology creates streamlined, tangle-free portability. Connects to all iPods, including the iPod Mini and Nano. (4¼ x 2¾ x 1¾”) $34.85

Look for these and many other cool travelling gadgets at:
Magellan's Travel

Monday, September 25, 2006


As the story goes, Stingy Jack was a miserable man who liked to play tricks on everyone, even the Devil himself.
When Jack finally died, according to Irish legend he was not admitted to heaven or hell, so he had to wander about forever in the darkness between heaven and hell. Jack placed the ember in a hollowed out Turnip and for that day onward, Stingy Jack roamed the earth without a resting place, lighting his way as he went with his "Jack O'Lantern".
On all Hallow's eve, the Irish hollowed out Turnips, pumpkins and potatoes to keep Stingy Jack away, starting a long tradition.





Visit the e-store for more Halloween treats at:
Oriental Trading Company, Inc.
Free shipping on orders of $60.00 or more now through Oct. 31st with code: RMYEY07

Do good, feel pretty... all year long!

In a world of not free-rides or time to smell the flowers, it's never too late to get involved with Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns, simply incorporating 'think pink' decisions into our everyday lifestyle. Support the cause bringing a new level of pampering to your body & soul:

Shower For The Cure is Philosophy's Pink Ribbon shower gel - a creamy all-in-one formula that can be used as a shampoo, bath, or body wash. Its light, clean tangerine scent and touch of milk, proteins, and fruit essences provides a delightful experience for your senses. Shower For The Cure is a special, limited-edition product that represents the spirit of every woman. $20.00
*The search for a cure is a cause that Philosophy holds near and dear, so Philosophy will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Shower For the Cure are donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.

Touch of Pink triggers a delicious feeling of freedom and independence for the vivacious woman. Feminine heart notes of jasmine and violet are blended with fresh, fizzy notes of coriander leaves and blood orange, and soothed with soft sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. $52.00
*A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each 1.6 oz Eau de Toilette Spray will be donated to the Young Survivors Coalition, an organization that lends help and support to young women with Breast Cancer .

Perfectly Pink - A perfectly blended blush that benefits a perfectly fabulous cause. $25.00 *All net proceeds from the sale of Perfectly Pink will benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. The NBCC's mission is to eradicate breast cancer by increasing federal funding for breast cancer research and ensuring that quality breast cancer care is available to everyone who needs it.

BCA It Gloss Trio - A collection of dazzling, universally appealing pink lip glosses. $34.00
*Stila continues its annual campaign in the fight against breast cancer with this IT Gloss Trio. Available for a limited time only, a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Sponsored by, Inc.

Mission organization (garage gear)

There are two reasons why I skip the garage.
#1, out of my domain :)
#2, I just park my mountain bike down there, the rest is not my biz :)
Bicycle storage racks help you clear some space to fit your ever changing needs. All of these bike racks will accommodate any type of bike... just what you need to start clearing up your cluttered garage.
Amen :)

Ceiling Bike Lift The Hoist Monster - It's a terrific way to use unused space with ease and safety. Ingenious design lightens the load for easy lifting. Sale price: $31.99

The Grandstand™ Bike Rack - is the fastest, easiest way to stand your bike. Whether you're the triathlete at the big race or the weekend enthusiast out with your family. $19.99

Sponsored by:
Organize Your Garage...In No Time

'Close & personal' from Lush

Razorantium Shaving Cream
Shaving - Once you’ve got the hang of a Lush Shaving Cream you are very unlikely to go back to using foamy, soapy things that make your skin dry. True, they win the convenience prize, in that you can see them (ours are transparent), they don’t block up your sink quite so rapidly (ours are very buttery) and you don’t drop your razor quite so often (ours are a bit slippery) but if you want calm, smooth skin and more snogs, use ours.

Godiva Shampoo Bar

Solid shampoo - It doesn't need preservatives (no water to go off), it minimizes the need for packaging and it lasts for ages - keep them dry between washes and you’ll be bored with them before they run out. Whenever we can, we turn our products solid. Making a solid conditioner and putting in our Shampoo Bars has been a fantastic success.

It makes us very happy to use less preservatives and packaging; we hope you'll be equally delighted with the effects our solid hair care products have on your heads. Choose two for the effect on your hair and get yourself a free tin.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Feet - Skincare should include the tips of your toes to the end of your nose so we didn't want to forget your beloved feet which have a pretty thankless task sometimes. We've thought of the perfect way to thank them with soothing spicy foot creams, minty foot masks for feet revitalization, body butters for refreshingly comfortable feet, masks to make your face jealous and even dusting powder designed to banish unwanted smells.

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Lush Bath Products

Western style SALE

Embroidered western corduroy shirt - High-quality cotton corduroy. Long sleeves, snap front. Snap flap pockets at chest, yoke at shoulders. Floral woven lining at neck and cuffs, embroidered floral detail at shoulder. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Was $48.00 Now $39.99

Solid western shirt - High-quality woven cotton.
Long sleeves, snap front. Snap flap pockets at chest, pearlized snaps. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Was $44.00 Now $39.99

Floral western shirt - High-quality woven cotton.
Long sleeves, snap front. Snap flap pockets at chest, pearlized snaps. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Was $44.00 Now $29.99

Plaid western shirt - High-quality woven cotton flannel.
Long sleeves, snap front. Snap flap pockets at chest, pearlized snaps. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Was $44.00 Now $24.99
Look for them under SALE > Shirts at:

Michelle's wishlist

I'd like to welcome our new TB contributor Michelle Lamar from Second Chance Fashion Blog, who will keep us (yeah, you and me) busy with weekly 'most-wanted' finds. Enjoy them! :)

Designer Danielle Maveal is a creative indie designer. Her ETSY shop, called PRECIOUS PUPS is found at Danielle is an experienced goldsmith who loves to work with a variety of mediums. "I absolutely love working with gold and platinum and diamonds but my heart lies with my favorite medium, acrylic plexiglas." - Danielle. Our heart lies with you, Danielle.

Stuff by Katie creates CUSTOM MADE Laptop Cases....that are monsters.
It’s the thing you never knew you always wanted. It’s fun, quirky and great.