Tuesday, October 24, 2006

TB introducing Gadget Storm

"We've got hundreds of inspired gift ideas, some of them very useful, some of them not so useful, but all great fun. Ordering is simple, the prices are fantastic and delivery is fast. Enjoy!" - Gadget Storm

Le Sack Vase - The amazing vase you can shape! It's extraordinary - in seconds you can transform a flat thin piece of plastic into a sturdy beautiful vase of your own design. The secret? Just place the vase into hot water making it malleable. Then shape as desired and fill with cold water to stabilise.
It's that simple! And you can reform your vase as many times as you wish.
No more wondering where to store your vase when you don't need it - just immerse in hot water, flatten gently and dry. £5.99 (under 'For the home' section)

Script Tease Duvet Set - Scriptease is the all new duvet cover from Bed Games, the people who brought you duvet twister! It combines a high quality duvet cover with 120 foam letters and numbers that will stick to the duvet cover. Invite them to join you, declare your true feelings, or simply request breakfast... the possibilities are endless! £39.95 (under 'Lifestyle gadgets' section)

Drink Selector Mug - Work colleagues never remember how you take your coffee or tea? Twist the rings to let them know your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences. Be warned though, the mug is so intriguing your drink might be cold by the time you get it back! £17.95 (under 'Office gadgets' section)

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