Monday, October 23, 2006

JUST IN! from Calliope Boutique

Ice mice mold tray - Eeeeek! Serve a little something unexpected at your next party, ice mice. Just the ticket for creating mice-cold drinks that will leave your guests squeling with delight! Dunk, swirl and dip the creepy crawlers into your glass. Perfect for Halloween! Food-safe, freezer-safe, transparent pink flexible plastic tray. $10.00

Voodoo-it-yourself toothpick holder - Make your next party painfully amusing by inviting the VIT (voodoo-it-yourself) toothpick holder. Perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times. Olives will never be boring again! $10.00

Already bitten cookie cutters - Your cookies are so delicious that you're always left with just the crumbs. So, use this devious ploy... just bake the cookies with bite marks built-in and watch your friends leave them behind on the tray...then pick them up again with a curious look! The ABC (Already Been Chewed) shapes cookie cutters are so much fun! Their loss is your gain. Cutters made to the highest culinary standards from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean. $8.50

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