Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Nothing but practical travelling gear

The Anne McAlpin 3-in-1 Micronet Towel is a travel towel, airplane blanket and sarong all in one! Designed by travel expert Anne McAlpin (author of the popular book Pack It Up), this velvety soft travel towel is large enough to use as an airplane blanket or beach cover-up, yet packs down to the size of a paperback. Super absorbent and fast-drying, it absorbs five times its weight in water and releases 90% of the water with hand wringing. Includes handy mesh travel pouch. $29.85

Carry-on bags and totes can be bottomless pits of disorganization. Our Little Transfer Bag keeps your essentials neat and tidy inside your carry-on bag, and allows you to keep valuables with you as you move about the cabin. Lets you quickly transfer necessities from one bag to another. Slim and stylish, it has a detachable 46” shoulder strap that converts it to an elegant evening bag. Made of stain and water-resistant microfiber with elasticized pockets for wallet, phone, cosmetics and jewelry, and two exterior pockets for travel documents. (9 x 6 x 2”; 8 oz). $29.85

Spice up your upcoming trip with stylish/smart products! Travel towel & Little Transfer Bag are just a few of the many neat ideas you will find when visiting:

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