Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Made in NYC

Katie is one more of the incredible talented people I have the pleasure to meet through the ezine on a daily basis. Like most of us (emerging designers) she started with an experiment, trying to make some sense out of creativity & need, a trial & error and ... a dream come true.
Today, Katie 'James' exposes proudly her grandfather's middle name, who she admires for his fair and global thinking and business-sense, that sometimes involves a little faith and a lot of risk.

"Her accessories are designed to solve problems in a funky and feminine fashion.They are great group gifts for bridal parties or family members."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Under the Hula moon (and sun)!

Jules on a Friday :)
"For some reason, Fridays are the most inspirational time for designs and production. There’s a Friday ritual that my husband Mark and I have of drinking what we call bubble teas. There’s something very magical (perhaps the caffeine?) in those drinks that keeps me going until the next day! Hence, the name ON A FRIDAY…" - Liana Miyamura.
Visit the welcoming Hawaiian-inspired site, where spicy colors and mixed shapes caught my eye from first click. Liana's handmade jewels combine semi-precious stones, precious stones, fresh water pearls, sterling silver, gold-filled and vermeil materials.
Check out the 'sold' gallery as well and if you find something you 'die for', contact Liana at

*Grand Opening Special - this week only! 10% OFF on all orders over $40.00

Friday, September 23, 2005

Classy correspondence with a fashionable flair

Always being two steps ahead is my own curse. I'm an endless greatful and by the end of this month I will start putting together my 2005 'Thank you' notes. I won't miss anyone, promise...
Partners in biz, Julie Hacker and Mandy Prater Stribling are making it easier on me. "They love the business, and love creating chic cards for the feminine side in everyone."
With their products over 100 stores nationwide, Hi-Heeled Designs expose many 'very you' styles (all mines too!), blending classic hand-drawn and fashionable flair through their stationery: gift enclosure cards, invitations & address labels.
*Mi pick: The Quotables! Fabulous note card sets featuring our cute graphics and amazing, fun quotes.

Final Blow out

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste 3.35 oz
A non-greasy texturizing paste, because his clients often lamented that their hair looked sexier and was more manageable the day after they showered. Based on a mixture of about 10 different styling aids that he created himself to get gorgeous hairstyles, a famously sexy Latin singer coined the name "dirt" at a video shoot. "Dirt is a clean way to get the look and feel of 'day-after' hair, so you hair's easier to mold, chunk, separate, and texturize," says Antin.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stylist & funtional, what a combo!

And I'm not only talking about the creative team who started Bagettes as a side business for wife Felice, developing the unique concept into a full time job for husband Bryan as well. "With our dedication to excellent customer service, high quality products at affordable prices,... we feel Bagettes stands out in the industry."
What would we do without bags? Fashionistas give them many fancy names. In real life, we adopt arm-candies at the same phase we collect shoes, transforming them in our multi-purpose best friends.
What's a Bagette? It's is a small make up bag or tote size, personalized with your own special photos, holiday cards, artwork, or anything else you would like.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cool dads change diapers too!

"Say goodbye to flowery diaper bags and hello to Diaper Dude! Specially designed for hip dads (and moms too). This cool sack has lots of handy features for on-the-go parents."

Be the talk of the changing-room... Made of durable nylon, this sporty style messenger is fully loaded of zip-closed pockets for every baby/father's needs... yeah! Removable, on-strap cell phone pouch too! You couldn't ask for more, huh?

"PintSizeDiva.comis a Mommy owned boutique for baby girls under two. You will find unique baby shower favors, cool clothes, infant pajamas fit for a princess, wonderful “girly girl” gifts, room decorations and even designer diaper bags for both Mom and Dad. A portion of every sale at PintSizeDiva™ will be donated to First Candle/SIDS Alliance."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hello to the emotionally stunted

Just Dumped presents 'Neuroses to a T (ee)'
'Ignore me and I'm yours', 'Highly breakable' and 'I but a lot to void within' are few of the hillarious speakers of minds,... click around the e-store and find your own voice.
Hollywood actresses, Kristin and Liz have been (thankfully) very busy lately, getting into well-known stores and making many heads turn...
Gotta love the goldmine idea behind the sticky t-shirts, exposing too much of what we think and confusing to whoever is reading it.
Let's face it! We are impossible and I'm glad I have a son :) there was not room for 2 of me in this world.
Naughty or nice... Who cares? Start your list with the limited Xmas tees: 'Santa is sleigh driver' and 'Free Rudolph'.

Monday, September 19, 2005

I love your earrings and I mean it...

Boston-based creative, Sebastian Mazzarelli not only brings a fresh men's perspective to the jewelry market with his I love your earrings e-store, he is pushing the boundaries of design to the next level, lauching a fully interactive custom earring creator program to be fully functional by this winter, where the main element is your fashionable instint. You will be able to choose materials and style of your next pair of earrings, leaving the handcrafting part to the expert :)
Important (I know you are wondering): all earrings and findings are .925 sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled.

Exclusive promo for Thrifty readers: mention our ezine while checking out and you will receive a FREE pair of earrings and a FREE 80's mix Cd ($10.99 value-gift) with any order over $20.
*15% of all Online Sales will be Donated to The Red Cross for The Hurricane Relief Efforts.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's getting HOT in here

Brazilian concepts are finding their way around the american consumers, and it's not only because the eye-catchy models :)
"Currently Brazil Chic is the only online store in the United States that specializes in Brazilian brands from up and coming designers."
And because it's not always about Us :) Brazil Chic brings a well-mixed menswear's selection: innovative designs, vintage vibe and Capoeira-inspired tees to complement your man's style, from the gym to Sunday brunch.
"As the shop continues to expand its growing selection of menswear, Brazil Chic will soon build its blossoming women’s line, and eventually into a home collection cementing it as a true lifestyle brand and destination."
Great! Looking forward to see what's new, but for now... let's enjoy the view :)

Friday, September 16, 2005

New B-day tradition

B-day specialist, Summer Robertson is cracking me up with her 'brillant idea': The Birthday Sock. It didn't happen overnight...and after exahusted analysis & projections...
"...The average investment vs payoff of a Birthday Sock over a 7 year period. We can see that a one time $10 dollar investment results in an average $20 dollar return for each birthday. This brings a return of $160 of extra gifts over a 7 year period!...
Studios show that in a near future people will vacation on the moon, ice cream will became healthy & a commonly asked question will be 'what did you get in your birthday sock'?
No more forgotten birthdays, boring birthdays, or otherwise uneventful birthdays..." Get creative and make the birthday sock your new b-day tradition.

Win a sock!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boost wanted

There is not rational function coming out of my body without caffeine. Colombian, American, Brazilian,... at 5:30 a.m. I just need something that smells like coffee to boost my morning & beyond.
Things have changed lately. With so many new names & brands in the market, the addicted infusion has became a luxurious habit where some re-education is needed and won't hurt us...
"The Dutch are known for their coffee, just as the English are known for their tea (but we also have great tea!). The Dutch have been drinking coffee for centuries, and that's the reason why our coffee is so 'perfect'... Typical Dutch Stuff is one multi-task woman biz, who proudly introduces us to the Dutch deliccatessens world. One of my favorites: the Senseo Coffee Maker, produced by Philips and Douwe Egberts (Dutch company), which already is a hit gadget in many countries.
How does it work? You can order bags of single-use coffee pods in a lot of different flavors. You use one coffee pod for each cup, so it is guaranteed fresh, and it always has a delicious cream layer on top! You can also use a coffee filter so you can keep using your own favorite ground coffee."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Candle Light re-opens for biz

Candle Light is back in biz, loaded with new jewels and equipped with state-of-the-art e-commerce functions (nice job Aeolidia!)
Visit the e-store today & enjoy the shopping experience. To celebrate the event, the first 15 customers will each receive a complimentary keychain like these with any order purchase!
"Take your time to browse around...and immerse yourself in the gentle and mellow candlelight..." - owner Momo
Necklaces, earrings, hair accessories & much more... Love your rings Momo! :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Looking at the world differently

Going from comfortable living (blow dryer, AC & ipod) to surviving under recycled conditions (not hot tub & carrying only the bare minimum)...hmmmm... not for me :) This is the story of a happy camper who after one of her 'back-to-wilderness' trips started looking at the world differently.
With '94 Xmas ahead & tonz. of eco-friendly ideas, Kristen Ragain started brainstorming her simple, stylish, waste-free, and reusable concept. "Soon after I sat down at the sewing machine and created my first fabric gift bags and have been giving them to friends and family ever since..."
Lucky Crow is her 'dream come true' venture. "We are a small, artistic, and environmentally-minded group of happy, hard-working folks with solid backgrounds in business and design. We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet , donating 1% of all of our sales to non-profit organizations working to protect our natural environment.

(print out FREE GIFT TAGS to attach to your Lucky Crow Gift Bags!)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Between castanets & gemstones

This lady doesn't need too much introduction around here.
Just say Ole' and her flamenco flair will go to your wardrobe rescue :)
South Cali-based Bonnin Designs is where you can find Shari's jewelry & fall in love at first sight. "All designs by Shari Bonnin are meticulously hand-crafted. Many are one of a kind utilizing a colorful mixture of semi-precious beads, glass beads, vintage beads, crystals, and pendants. All findings are sterling silver or gold filled..."
Her art has been featured all over the media, from DIY to HBO shows and it is not secret she is one of the most genuine artists around the net :)
Extra! extra!
Enter to win these gorgeous amethyst Swarovski Crystal and Pineapple Quartz Loop earrings with sterling silver earwires ($30 value) by signing up for our newsletter. Current Newsletter subscribers will also be eligible. Winner will be chosen at random on Nov. 1, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time to get personal

Did you ever dream about getting your hands dirty with the hot & sexy mechanic down the street? :) He looks good on that uniform, doesn't he?
Ok, you can not say it out loud, I understand... but, what about your underwear? :)
Sorry, time to wake up girls! :)
Blume Girl gets personal combining fashion & industrial looks, all-in-one new way of expression.
"Stacey Blume spent a lot of time at her father’s uniform manufacturing company as a young girl. While most people wouldn’t consider a bus driver’s uniform to be the sexiest of items to inspire a fashion line, that’s all Blume needed to envision stylish lingerie that women would love.
Blume embodies comfortable sexy fun whether the lingerie is worn as underwear or outerwear- it is sure to begin each morning (or evening) with a smile... Stacey has created the perfect solution for anyone daring to bare a little personality with their lingerie."
If your looking for stylish billboards, you are just a click away from Paris, Brittaney & Jennifer favorite thongs, unique hats, comfy tanks... don't forget to check out blume baby & blume dog.

Who cares about Football?

If you are sick & tired of Monday Night Football... Fantasy Fashion League is the right escape for you!
"The 24-week Inaugural Season will kick off with The Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2005, and end with the Super Bowl of Fashion, The Oscars, on March 5, 2006."
Fashionista-coach Erica Salmon brainstormed the concept few years ago while trying to come out with something to rival her husband's football obsession. "And now, three years, two experimental seasons and several experimental leagues later, FFL is a reality!
Check out the League Rules, put your 'partners in fashion' together & good luck to all of us! :)
A portion of all Fantasy Fashion League proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What Crafters for Critters is about?

With 3 seasons under their belts, the gals from Crafters for Critters are lauching the 4th round of this creative mission, giving exposure to independent artists while collecting proceeds to be splitted between rescue organizations like Grey2KUSA, Farm Animal Sanctuary and Family Dog's New Life. The website is full of handmade treats from Allymoon, Spunky Turtle & L'espiritu Designs to name a few.
Love the cause! :)

Girl's next door workout tips

Fitness Advice from a Regular Girl is part of my trials/errors & personal experiences, currently featured at LifeStyleDaily. Thx Heidi...
Hope you take the time to read it, and most important... apply it :)
This last weekend was beautiful down here. With no hurricanes on the radar, me & my bf decided, it was time to swing the racquets. We started with tennis, but between you & me (what a boring sport!) & out of nowhere I packed my stuff and straight to the racquetball indoors court.
Awwww! Did you try it before? I can't move my right arm since Saturday, seriously...but, what a great exercise!
Find your own workout excuse and sweat it off...
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Monday, September 05, 2005

Balancing act

Fellow Floridian company, S Designs by Sandra Benoudiz introduces her Fall Collection as the precise balance between passion & exquisiteness. It's the perfect time of the year to enjoy the way Sandra combines wonderland's themes, spicy mediums & her unique 'creative' rhythm through delightful pieces of jewelry. With international recognition, these impeccable designs already have been spotted all over my favorite mags & I can't wait to get me some. Glad you find us :)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Gracias Virginia

Do you understand me? Don't worry... designer Virginia ArrisueƱo is here to make sense for me: De*Nada Design is her brand new company where you can find the best hobo-deals in cyberspace: bueno, bonito & barato (good, pretty & unexpensive).
Am I writing in Japanese? Naw, it's just Spanish :)
No matter where you are from, Virginia's designs speak that urban-stylish language we all understand :)
*Mini hobo black & white floral: $25.00

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy B-day Plain Mabel

Let's join crafter-diva Tara MacKay to celebrate the 2nd B-day of Plain Mabel, where her army of independent artists offer smart designs, quality workmanship & love for creativity through their handmade products: jewelry, bags, accessories, stationery, toys & fun stuff.
I've been around the net for a while & I know most of the gals. They worth every click, trust me. Just to name a few...
Mmm-fruit: Sharleen hand-crochets tons of treats like her signature mmm-fruit squishies and sushi magnets.
Missy Blue: missyblue crafts high quality, one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories for kids and their moms.
Elle B: features "adornment for uninhibited women," and each lovely piece is one-of-a-kind.
Glamscience: "glamscience is the inevitable outcome of one woman's lifelong love of glitter." Each of glamscience's handmade creations has a touch (and then some) of sparkle.
Orders placed between Sept 2nd & 30th, 2005 will receive special $2.00 standard shipping. No need of codes or coupons.
Congratulations!!! :)

Bohemian influence

Seaside Maine-based designer/writer Sarah Beth Martin is the owner of a unique piece of land called Vintage Earth.
Her Fall collections is nothing but an exquisite combination of autumn palettes: rich chocolate, coppery reds and deep indigo.

But what I really love about her line are the metals: antique gold, pewter and deep copper plated brass, along with sterling silver and gold fill.
Ok, here is the catch: limited edition or one of a kind, so... crack your fingers & start surfing her e-store like there is not tomorrow :)
Exclusive offer for Thrifty readers: add THRIFTY at check out to receive your 10% off.