Friday, October 13, 2006

Trick or Treat is getting old :)

If you are like me, just like me... you are WAY TOO ahead on your Xmas shopping and tonz. of wrapping paper, bunch of ribbons and thoughtful seasonal cards already got a 'check' mark on your list! The problem is... we are still in October :(

The soultion: All of your holiday needs are met here with our wide line of wrapping paper storage, greeting card storage, ornament storage box, wreath storage bag, greeting card planner, clear vinyl wrapping paper bag, vertical wrapping paper storage is also available in regular and jumbo sizes. We can get you organized right down to the brass wreath holders, gift bag organizers, Christmas lights wind ups, Christmas tree bags and gift wrap stations. Gift bag and wrapping paper storage hangs in closets, over the door, and in garages.
I couldn't ask for more, huh?... Rosie :)

Wreath Storage Bag- 25" Diameter

Wreath Storage Bag- 25" Diameter - Twelve-gauge vinyl stores and protects up to a 25" wreath. Features full top zipper. Size: 6 1/2"tall x 25"diameter. $9.99

Wing-Lid Holiday Light Storage Box by Iris

Wing-Lid Holiday Light Storage Box - Keep those strings of lights safe and tangle-free with the Holiday Light Storage Box by Iris. This sturdy plastic storage box is ideal for lights, garland and extension cords. The 4 hanging honeycombed plastic reels store and protect your lights from weather, water, rodents and other harmful elements. And most importantly, these reels prevent tangling! $19.99

Wrapping Paper Bag - Clear Vinyl by Richards Homewares

Wrapping Paper Bag - Clear Vinyl - This unique Vinyl Wrapping Paper Bag by Richards Homewares is perfect for holding all of your beautiful and decorative wrapping papers. It is made of high quality heavyweight vinyl, making it tough and durable. $9.99

Gift Bag Organizer - White by Jokari®

Gift Bag Organizer - White - The Gift Bag Organizer by Jokari protects your gift bags from being folded, soiled or lost. The transparent design makes gift bags easy to see and choose from. Its open design gives you easy access to items and protects your items from damage. $16.99
Greeting Card Planner & Organizer by Neatnix

Greeting Card Planner & Organizer - Our Greeting Card Planner & Organizer by Neatnix is a wonderful solution for storing and organizing the ever growing pile of greeting cards you send throughout the year. Or save the cards you receive and keep them organized all year round! $12.99

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