Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TB introducing Arrogance Mix

For a sweet, sparkling, exciting fragrance experience, Arrogance Mix is a cocktail of different scents. A fragrance line created with a perfect blend of exciting ingredients, Arrogance Mix calls up all the energy of fun and desire wrapped in an intoxicating blend of unforgettable aromas.

Lime, Zucchero
Sugar with a little bit of spice, Lime Sugar makes you feel sexy with its sweet, classic, fresh scent. 3.38 Eau de Toilette Spray. $35.00

Litchi, Mandorla
Fruity with a touch of sexy attitude, Litchi Almond makes you feel as sexy as you smell. 8.45 oz Perfumed Shower Gel. $15.00

Muschio Blanco, Mela
Vibrant and sparkling, White Musk Apple is sexy, sweet, and sensual with a touch of radiant confidence. 8.45 Perfumed Body Lotion. $18.00

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