Tuesday, September 05, 2006

CHOCOLATE - pleasure for everyone

...In 1912, the Belgian chocolate-maker, Jean Neuhaus, invented the first hard chocolate shell, also called couverture, which allowed for smooth fillings and creams inside. With the advent of the hard shell coating, fillings could be of nearly any consistency, ranging from fluid-like cream, soft caramel, light ganache or creamy whipped praline. Each of these various bases were then further developed with flavorings, such as Cointreau, coffee, chocolate and vanilla to create a unique taste sensations. Belgian chocolatiers developed such an expertise with these new creamy whipped fillings that the term "praline" has become almost synonymous with Belgian chocolate. During the past 100 years, chocolate has been considered as a symbol of freedom and friendship, witness the chocolate symbolizing peace at the end of World War II, and has become a national staple for all people. Chocolate has come to delight everyone around the world and has become an integral part of today's society. The Chocolate industry has reached over $21 Billion dollars in annual retail sales in the United States alone and continues to grow.

In the traditional Belgian way of shopping for chocolates, you can actually choose the particular Nirvana Chocolates you would like in your box, creating your own custom made assortment. Select your favorite chocolates from the 35 listed. If you are not familliar with Nirvana Chocolates, go to "Types of Chocolate" for a detailed description of each flavor. 16 pcs. $22.95 / 32 pcs. $36.95

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