Monday, September 25, 2006

Mission organization (garage gear)

There are two reasons why I skip the garage.
#1, out of my domain :)
#2, I just park my mountain bike down there, the rest is not my biz :)
Bicycle storage racks help you clear some space to fit your ever changing needs. All of these bike racks will accommodate any type of bike... just what you need to start clearing up your cluttered garage.
Amen :)

Ceiling Bike Lift The Hoist Monster - It's a terrific way to use unused space with ease and safety. Ingenious design lightens the load for easy lifting. Sale price: $31.99

The Grandstand™ Bike Rack - is the fastest, easiest way to stand your bike. Whether you're the triathlete at the big race or the weekend enthusiast out with your family. $19.99

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