Monday, September 25, 2006

'Close & personal' from Lush

Razorantium Shaving Cream
Shaving - Once you’ve got the hang of a Lush Shaving Cream you are very unlikely to go back to using foamy, soapy things that make your skin dry. True, they win the convenience prize, in that you can see them (ours are transparent), they don’t block up your sink quite so rapidly (ours are very buttery) and you don’t drop your razor quite so often (ours are a bit slippery) but if you want calm, smooth skin and more snogs, use ours.

Godiva Shampoo Bar

Solid shampoo - It doesn't need preservatives (no water to go off), it minimizes the need for packaging and it lasts for ages - keep them dry between washes and you’ll be bored with them before they run out. Whenever we can, we turn our products solid. Making a solid conditioner and putting in our Shampoo Bars has been a fantastic success.

It makes us very happy to use less preservatives and packaging; we hope you'll be equally delighted with the effects our solid hair care products have on your heads. Choose two for the effect on your hair and get yourself a free tin.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Feet - Skincare should include the tips of your toes to the end of your nose so we didn't want to forget your beloved feet which have a pretty thankless task sometimes. We've thought of the perfect way to thank them with soothing spicy foot creams, minty foot masks for feet revitalization, body butters for refreshingly comfortable feet, masks to make your face jealous and even dusting powder designed to banish unwanted smells.

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