Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Must-have tricks for Halloween (up to $12.00)

Ready for an unforgettable Halloween? Have some fun with your kids transforming your home in the scariest hunted house of the block.

Nothing says "Keep Out" quite like strands of barbed wire. On the other hand, nothing makes people wonder why they're being kept out quite like barbed wire. Stir perverse curiosity in Halloween guests by roping off areas with this painted rope barbed wire decoration. 7 feet long. $5.00

Sheer elegance, uh well, not exactly but it sure will look creepy festooning your Halloween party. Hang it above the door or casually drape it on the buffet table - you'll surprisingly find a lot of uses for this garland. 60" long. Painted styrofoam. $10.00

At your next haunted gathering, trap partygoers in the collective stare of multiple pairs of eyes. Hang this string of lights outside or in a dark room and let the eyes illuminate with expressions of surprise, fear and menace. You may recognize the same expressions on the faces of your guests as they search for a way out...mrah ah ah. 10 lights per set. Includes plug and connector at both ends. $12.00

Hear howls, growls, screeches and screams! This all new scary sounds CD is a fun way to add a little fright to Halloween night! 55 minutes. $9.00

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