Friday, September 15, 2006

Handmade soaps from Flower-Peddler

Our handmade soap is mild, fragrant, and friendly to your skin. Using the Cold Process method, we incorporate a variety of only the highest grade vegetable oils including olive, palm, coconut, and other exotic oils with rich butters such as cocoa and shea. We add in essential oils, or high quality fragrance oils, and herbs, grains, and natural botanicals to produce soaps with a rich, creamy and luxurious lather. - Flower-Peddler

NEW! Orange Truffle Shuffle soap - If life is truly like a box of chocolates, this should be the fragrance! This decadent soap is made with mounds of yummy skin-loving cocoa butter, along with our favorites, olive, and sweet almond oils. Then we had a little fun with the fragrance by combining rich, dark chocolate with luscious, juicy mandarin orange for the perfect truffle treat. Your skin and your nose will want to do a little dance! 11 item(s) available. $5.50

NEW! Turkish Mocha soap - Creamy and delicious, maybe a bit exotic, like a special visit to a quaint little out-of-the way gourmet coffee shop - our Turkish Mocha handmade soap has an incredible fragrance made up of top notes of milk, cardamom, cocoa, and a dash of nutmeg followed by vanilla and honey. Oh, and definitely don't forget the intoxicating aroma of Turkish coffee. The perfect soap for any coffee lover! 13 item(s) available. $5.25

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