Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TB Fast-Forward

Decorating doesn't get any spookier than this! Have some fun with your kids and create the scariest Halloween ever...

Gravestone candles are creepy enough, but this pair really scares. When these candles melt, red wax trickles down the gray exterior. Let 'em burn for a while and the faux grave markers appear blood-streaked. 5.5" tall. Set of 4. $10.50

Some folks wait for candy corn all year and others can't handle its syrupy sweetness, but everyone agrees that the little orange and yellow nibs are the iconic Halloween treat. This year, candy corn goes calorie-free in the form of nifty floating candles. Presented in a cellophane gift bag, this realistic-looking set makes a great gift for a Halloween hostess. Set of 6. Burn time of 3 hours each. 1.5" by 2.25" by 1.75". $12.00

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