Saturday, September 09, 2006

Boots - made to last for ever

Sassy, pointed-toe boot You won’t be afraid to be daring in the Dollhouse Wild. The smooth leather upper is highlighted by printed leather accents and metal rivets. The stiletto heel and pointed toe keep this boot grounded in style. Go ahead and go Wild! 11 1/2” shaft height, 13” circumference. 4” molded heel. $154.95

I'm constantly on my "keep on looking for new boots" mode. From high heels to western type, they say something 'else' about your personality, who you are & where are you going. Loyal accessories: they can last for ever.
Shoes will be always there... waiting for you at the mall, but when it comes to boots, you look forward to see what the stores are putting together for the upcoming season, I can't wait... - Rosie :)

Decorated leather boot A touch of class in the ranks. The Indigo Kyoto is for every G.I. Jane. Its leather upper is decorated with straps and brushed metal details. Inside zipper. 10” shaft height, 12” circumference. Rubber outsole with floral details. 3” stacked heel. $119.95

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Mista said...

Ooh, yes. I have ones like those top left black ones with the fur rim. Very comfy, very warm. Feels just like I'm wearing a winter jacket on my leg.