Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Karmaloop - a boutique to outfit cutting edge culture

"In a world populated by Abercrombie Zombies, Karmaloop was created to provide a universally accessible alternative... Now go look good!" - Respect, Greg Karmaloop CEO

If you’re looking for shorts that offer a little more than your average short, look no further than Triple Five Soul’s Basic Bermudas. These extra long shorts feature drawstrings at the cuffs and fanciful floral embroidery down the legs. No matter where summer takes you, you’ll be right in style in these shorts. On Sale: $19.00

Ok, so here you are dressed for combat (of a certain sort); you glide through complicated terrain looking for an enemy combatant to capture. And though you fully intend to adhere to all relevant Geneva Conventions when you make the catch, sometimes you just can't help slipping up and breaking a heart or two, which, unfortunately, does count as torture in some countries. On Sale: $19.00

Man, Soundgirl makes some pretty awesome pants. Check out these Cherry Capris, for instance. Great looking, form-fitting, and tons of extras like the red lining around the pockets and belt. Not to mention the cherries. Cherries are always a good thing. A “cherry” ’62 corvette is in fantastic condition. Cherries on a slot machine almost always means something good. Cherries on your left butt-cheek? That’s gotta be worth something. On Sale: $19.20

Karmaloop LLC

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