Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trunkshop featuring Laurel Denise

Owner and founder Casey Coyle began because she was disappointed with the jewelry selection she found at retail chains. “There is so much talent out there and it is hard searching through the web or craft fairs trying to find the good stuff.” Her vision for Trunkshop was to create a one stop shopping resource for designer jewelry where people know they will always find unique, high quality items.“Living in San Francisco and New York City I was exposed to many talented accessory designers. I wanted to make those same designers accessible to people everywhere. So no matter what city you live in you can always get the latest designer jewelry at prices that won't break the bank.”
The Laurel Denise Jewelry line came to Laurel in a dream in the middle of the night. Months that seemed like days passed and Laurel's small room quickly became a studio, completely covered in sterling silver & gold chain, glass, scraps of paper, and sketches. Many tested designs, tested materials, and glass cuts later, Laurel Denise Jewelry Design was born.
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