Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Raw Beauty, Indulge Your Skin in Pure Goodness

Step 1: Enrich with natural, exotic ingredients (only the highest quality will do)
Step 2: Infuse with decadent scents
Step 3: Spike with knowledge and fresh ideas
Step 4: Sprinkle with love
Step 5: Hand Pour to Perfection

Raw Beauty's-Glo Girl Foundation naturally protects your skin from a broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. Titanium Dioxide bends light while zinc oxide’s natural sun protecting abilities boosts the SPF of one layer of mineral makeup to 10 or more. Apply two, light layers and you have the coverage of 20 SPF. Can be used with water to make a cream foundation. Just dip your foundation brush in water, then dip into the powder foundation. Spread evenly onto your face. 2.5 Grams. Includes Jar with Sifter. $15.99

Sweet Feet Foot Lotion is sinfully rich and so sweet. Chocolate Tea Scent will tempt & tease your senses, but your feet are the ones that are in for a real treat. Sweet Feet Moisturizer is lightly whipped and rubs on smooth, without the greasy mess! NURTURING INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Butter will coat the skin on your feet and lock in moisture. Infused with black tea to help fight odor causing bacteria. $12.99
Special TB readers discount: add thriftyboutique in the coupon code during checkout to get your 10% OFF. Good until 7/2/06

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