Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Not soap, Radio

Fashionistas by nature & soapmaniacs by choice, Laura & Suzenne Cabot created a goldmine concept out of a non-sense joke named Not Soap, Radio.
Started as a kid's game, bottling their own mixes on the tub. Today, they share their passion for potions & lotions, with smart-pants labels & the coolest B&B products ever.

bubbles not carbs : Put down that cookie, step away from the refrigerator and into warm bubbles infused with tangerine extracts said to tone and firm skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. 12 oz. Sale $8.00

four leaf clover bubble bath shower soap : If lately your lucky star has been eclipsed by a rain clouds, find the clover and find yourself on the favored side of fate. Surround yourself with bubbles infused with extracts from a four-leaf clover rich field in country kerry on the Emerald Isle. Sale $8.00

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