Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Addicted to Cacao?

Discovered in the 1500's, cacao is a magical, spiritual, and celebrated food from South America, Central America, West Africa, and Asia.
Sweetriot has launched the world’s first line of chocolate-covered cacao nibs – so you can experience the real and true flavor of chocolate… the cacao bean!

Looking for the perfect spring remedy? sweetriot's Spring Fling Pack is perfect for giving and sending... or keeping! :) dressed for spring in green and pink, including a tin of each yummy flavor - 50, 65, & 70, the riot guide, and a Spring Fling note.
Mother's Day is over, but rumor has it that dads were totally jealous of their lady's spring fling. Now they want one for Father's Day. So get that man a spring fling pack! Click on Get Some to get him some. Who's your daddy now?

"I've got the opportunity to enjoy Sweetriot experience myself... from the artistic package to the intense cacao flavor, the whole Sweetriot concept is just one of a kind! Feel free to dig around the website, find out about the mission, accomplishments and beyond..., I have just one tin left,... but more to come." - Rosie (TB Editor)

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