Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TB tested & approved :)

We combined our passion for travel with our knowledge, experience and creative ideas for bath and body formulas to create a range of truly indulgent products to delight your senses and soothe your body. Only the finest ingredients nature has to offer goes into the making of our products, and specially selected for their skin nourishing qualities.
We feel passionately about producing beautiful skin care without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens,synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances. All of our ingredients have been carefully chosen to ensure that the final result is not only kind and caring for your skin but also safe enough for the whole family.
- Kazam Body Care

Sweet Orange Ginger - A delicious warm inviting citrus scent to brighten your mood. The purifying power of ginger warms the muscle and leaves your skin comfortably smooth with healthy glow! $8.50

I COMPLETELY adore the texture and fragrance, my bf too. Rosie :)

KBC Beauty Tips

1) Never put very hot or very cold water on the face.
Extreme temperature will engorge or constrict capillaries too quickly.
This can cause capillaries to break, resulting in the appearance of spider veins.

2) Never use petroleum products such as mineral oil or petrolatum (petroleum jelly/ Vaseline). They clog the pores and cause them to become enlarged.

3) Cleanse the skin to remove dirt, accumulated old oil, and daily pollutants by using Kazam Natural Body Care Facial Glow Scrub.

4) Use Kazam Natural Body Care Lemongrass Lotion a non-petroleum moisturizer. It helps tone and moisturize the skin with plant essences and the wonderful aroma of fresh lemongrass, it helps as a muscle relaxant and also helps with circulation.
Leaves you with a soft, silky, supple skin, reflecting a healthy glow and ages less.

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