Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Recovery treats

Pick up your best friend's broken heart pieces with the coolest 'after break up/show must go on' treats. Remember to get extra ones and keep them handy, just in case... :)

Having a good laugh at an ex-boyfriend's expense can be sweeter than revenge. This metal key chain spoofs all things couple-ly and lovey dovey, picturing a snapshot of a couple with the guy's face scribbled out. A cute pick-me-up for a newly single pal. 2" square. $5.00

'lovers and losers' address book - Keep track of Mr./Ms. Wrong, Mr./Ms. Right, and even ... Mr./Ms. Right-Now with this fabulous address book! Leather. 3.25" by 6". $16.00

'imaginary men' tissues - These vintage-style tissues speak the truth...well, at the very least they convey the thoughts of many women who have come before us. Nevertheless, best NOT to pull them out during a hot date. Better to save them for anyone who's grown a bit wary of menfolk! 4-Ply. Paper. Unscented. 2.25" by 4.25". Includes 10 tissues per pack. Set of 6. $10.00

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