Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TB 1st Anniversary - Let's celebrate with Protect-a-Bub!

Protect-a-Bub™'s products were developed in Australia where the incidence of skin cancer is the highest in the world. Prior to a Florida vacation and after failing to locate adequate sun protection products in the United States, Rachel L. Blakeman, current Chief Executive Officer and President of Protect-a-Bub USA LLC, turned to Australia and discovered Protect-a-Bub PTY Ltd. She realized the importance of bringing these products to the United States...

The Stroller Sunshade Attachment easily ties to any canopied stroller or carriage and is made from specially woven 50+UPF rated breathable fabric, providing 98+% protection from the sun's rays and full air circulation. Comes in navy or black. Single $38.95, Twin $54.95

This rain cover is made from water proof polyester with a vinyl window for view. It allows for air flow without compromising protection and folds easily for storage. Air circulates all around baby due to the light weight nature of the fabric and two inch vents on either side of the plastic window. Available for and attach easily to single strollers or joggers, twin side-by-side strollers or joggers and twin tandem strollers. From $22.95

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