Friday, August 25, 2006

Labor Day ahead: travelling-smart gear

Magellan's was founded by people who love travel for its ability to enrich our lives and increase our appreciation for the world in which we live. By sharing our knowledge and experience with other travelers, and offering useful and appreciated products to ease the bumpy roads, we help make travel a more comfortable, safe, and rewarding experience. We owe our success to three core principles:

Providing travelers with a single source of state-of-the-art, quality travel products
Providing up-to-the-minute and well-researched information to meet the needs of all travelers
Providing an exceptional customer experience

Nothing slips off our Non-Slip Dash Mat. So toss your cell phone, eyeglasses, maps and more up on your dashboard and relax the next time you make that right turn. Redesigned for a better fit on your dashboard (can be trimmed for a custom fit if desired); needs no adhesive to apply. (13 x 6"; 1 oz). $5.85

CellCup turns your extra cup holder into a handy storage compartment for your cell phone and other essentials. Made of soft yet sturdy foam, it has a tapered bottom that fits into the cup holder of most cars to keep your cell phone, pens, pager, keys or other small items easily accessible. The cell phone compartment even has an opening in the base for connecting your charger cord. Tapers from 4½ x 4" to 4½ x 2½". (3 oz) $11.85

Sun Zapper - Eliminate the blinding glare of sunlight without obstructing your view of the road. Sunglasses are no match for accident-causing windshield glare. Made of tough, shatterproof polycarbonate, the see-through Sun Zapper attaches to any car visor in seconds, effectively blocking hazardous reflections from the sun, snow, or other cars. A sliding shield allows you to filter out extra-bright glare spots safely. Sun Zapper is removable for easy cleaning, and folds out of the way when not in use. (11¾ x 4 x 1½"; 4 oz) $19.85

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