Friday, April 21, 2006

TB Mom's Guide - Uncommon Goods

icon CHOCOLATE CANDLES - A daily fix for chocoholics, these candles provide the delightful pleasure of chocolate without the calories! For an artistically blended fragrance, light often and let the uniquely delectable aroma fill your space. Made in Minnesota. Each candle burns cleanly for approximately 50 hours. $25.00


icon YES DEAR MUG - Living with someone would be a lot easier if they just did everything you told them to, wouldn't it? Well, if you aren't trained in hypnosis, don't worry, this mug is! Featuring a hypnotic spiral pattern, this mug is sure to get your special someone working on all those tasks they've been dodging at or, at the very least, provide an early-morning laugh and finally make your point! Dishwasher and microwave safe. Imported. $14.00


icon MOM AND HEART VASES - Add the heartwarming touch of artist Beth Mueller as expressions of family, friendship and love with these ceramic vases hand painted in Vermont. Featuring a drawing of flowers and the caption "mom" - or a heart and the caption "love," these vases are sure to become lasting keepsakes in your home. $25.00
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