Monday, April 24, 2006

TB Mom's Day Guide - Vera Battemarco

Quick & Simple Wrapped White Pearls & Yellow Gold Necklace by Vera Battemarco
Lovely white Shell base pearls made in a similar way to Majorca pearls. Each pearl is a generous 14mm round and there are 21 on this necklace. Individually hand wrapped in 14K Yellow Gold Fill wire for beauty and durability. Gold Filled clasp is large (easy to use). Very secure and it won't break or damage your nails.
Also available in White Gold Filled / Platinum color Pearls and Rose Gold Filled/ Pink Pearls.
Total length of necklace is 17 1/2" and it can be made shorter by clasping in between 2 of the pearls. $115.00
Enter code MothersDay for $20.00 off any purchase above $100.00. Expires on 5/31/2006.

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