Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TB introducing FashionRome.com

FASHIONROME.com was created to provide you with the best high fashion buying experience on the web. View the latest fashions available to buy on the site in WOMEN APPAREL, HANDBAGS, SHOES & ACCESSORIES. FASHIONROME is the destination where you will find unique and exclusive products "Made in Italy" designs from seasonal collections of Italian carefully selected designers.

MONILI CHANEL STYLE NECKLACE - Silver colored brass chain necklace with small bows. The chain necklace is entirely formed of Macedonian pearls and large gold and silver colored crystals. Two large rings from which the chain necklace can be worn together or become two separate strands. Your price: $65.05

MONICA B. LEATHER JACKET - Tightwaisted jacket with two buttons and cuffs, in wrinkled beige colored leather. This jacket is a must have for the summer of 2006, original and unique the combination of two materials as leather and terrycloth. In fact, the pockets, wrists and the entire jacket borders are in terrycloth the same color of the leather. Your price: $260.22

US custom duties are already included in the shown prices!

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