Wednesday, April 26, 2006

TB Mom's Day Guide - Protect a Bub

Protect a Bub - The Stroller Sunshade Attachment easily ties to any canopied stroller or carriage and is made from specially woven 50+UPF rated breathable fabric, providing 98+% protection from the sun's rays and full air circulation. Availabe for single or twin strollers and comes in navy or black. The sunshade attachment provides shelter in both sunny and overcast conditions and reduces glare on sensitive young eyes. The mesh side vents/windows allow for 70% sun protection, cross ventilation and maximum viewing.
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trishprotectabub said...

Protect a Bub products are amazing!! i started using them when my daughter was born and was a preemie and she is now pasted 2 and i have used them ever since. They really have products for every season.