Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sweet deal ahead (boots SALE)

I have been looking for 'the boot sale of the season' and after clicking around for about 2 weeks (yes, I refused to pay top $'s) I've got myself THE DEAL, which I don't mind to share with you :) enjoy it.

My NEW everyday boot - "Logan" love to be worn with prairie skirts, your fave pair of jeans, or leggings under a dress this season. 2.5 inch stacked heels have never been so versatile. $99.95

My NEW 'take me out' boots - SALOONN $129.95

Check out the promo:
1 pair enter the promo code*: steve-says-buy-1-save-40%
2 pairs enter the promo code*: steve-says-buy-2-save-50%
3 pairs enter the promo code*: steve-says-buy-3-save-60%

And when it came to numbers, it was 2 pairs for $135.00 something (shipping included) sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :)

Plenty of styles to choose from, find yours at:
SM Logo_120x60

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