Thursday, February 09, 2006

Products to fill the void

Unfed is a thing familiar ~ we've been inventing and re-inventing products for years ~ always walking the thin line between culture and commerce. We started small in Amsterdam and now we're back in NYC to make launch in the Big Apple. Fed with an original heritage, an inspired approach and a classic identity, our products are accessible, comfortable and relaxed. Unfed is sustenance, offering men, women, bedding, boxers, body, scarves & crafty produtcs.

{hawthorne} These blue checkered boxers are a traditional long-cut with a wrap-around waistband and seamless @ss for the perfect fit and comfort where it counts. We've taken the best dress shirt material, 100% pima cotton, and added an inspired design. we promise ~ she'll take it off for you. $38.00

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