Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SpaBox: state of mind

Spabox is a unique online boutique offering spa gifts and bath and body products, enabling us to bring the spa at home.
In the spirit of adopting a more "Healthy" lifestyle -- Here are few priceless tips and treats from SpaBox, already a good friend of TB and one of my favorite e-stops:
--Add a little dosis of "pampering" to each day, as simple as an aromatherapy body wash in the morning or a calming lavender bath in the evening. These little luxurious necessities will make you feel great!

Circaroma Moisturizing Body Polish - Moisturise + exfoliate in one with this exotic skin polish. Skin softening sugar, sesame oil and shea butter blend with sensual ylang ylang flowers, refreshing lemon and relaxing patchouli to gently buff and hydrate your skin in the purest way possible. $34.00

--Discover and relish your own unique beauty.

Zen Mistress Tee - Perfect for yoga, the gym or pretty much anything. She's the Zen Mistress...the more mindful sister of the "mudflap girl" silhouette. She's got great hips, a great flip, and she's well-grounded, proving there's no place like 'Om'. Sale $24.00
--Enjoy your alone time each day; even if it's 15 minutes in the morning before the kids are up. Use this time exclusively for you; read, meditate, treat yourself.

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