Monday, February 20, 2006

On-the-go gadgets

Now, from the happy camper to the sophisticated wine enthusiast, everyone can travel light and enjoy the eating out experience, no matter where you go...


icon NOMAD TRAVEL SILVERWARE Handy for travel, camping, and more the nomad is a fork, a knife, a spoon and a bottle opener in one! The stainless steel utensils fold neatly into the compact cover when not in use, and the European styling piles on the flair. The nomad’s strap makes it easy to have around, or just unclip it and stash in a pocket. Available in your choice of orange or black. $20.00


icon PICNIC BACKPACK This sleek picnic backpack makes it easy for two to dine alfresco. The secure sling-style strap is designed for comfort during those treks to the ideal lunch location, while cleverly designed pockets hold everything you need. An exterior pocket secures complete place settings for two – plates, utensils, cups and napkins, along with a wine key – and the large interior pocket is insulated to keep your meal tasty and your wine chilled. A cell phone pocket on the strap and an outer mesh pocket provide spots to stash all other necessary items. Bon appetit! $25.00


icon NEOPRENE BABY BIB AND BOTTLE TOTE SET Durable, versatile and stylish, neoprene has all sorts of uses, and these creations are case in point. These neoprene marvels keep your baby’s bottle cold – and your baby all neat and tidy. The bottle holders utilize the insulating properties of neoprene to keep bottles the perfect temperature – it’s the material used in wetsuits. And the bib is the first bib innovation in years – it uses a touch closure to curve up and catch those runaway spills, keeping them off your baby’s attire just in case they miss the target when they spill. It’s machine washable, too. Set includes a double bottle tote and bib in your choice of blue or pink. $24.00
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