Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fashion winners SALE

Western-inspired, retro, rock' on, mellow-mood, classy or sassy? No matter from what 'period' you are :), bring some of your 'fashion winners' back to your everyday wardrobe with the help of Frosting Fashion (sale section): Saddle up, cowgirl. Hike up that eyelet skirt, step into your Frye boots and buckle up your ensemble with this western inspired belt from Avignon. Now just be sure to avoid the cow patties. Sale $17.00
With all the larger-than-life cocktail jewelry gracing the runways, a girl may find herself suffering from a severe case of diamond deprivation or emerald envy. We’ve found the cure in this luxe bracelet from Rapz, a fabulous alternative guaranteed to save you thousands on therapy. Sale $21.00
There are times when we all feel a little nostalgic for the head-banging days of Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses—admit it. That’s why we like this studded wrap watch from Tokyo Bay. The thin wrap-around straps are hip enough for 2005 while the rivets put you back in touch with your inner 1989 groupie. Sale $20.00

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