Wednesday, May 23, 2007

TB introducing Pokkadot

"Once upon a time there was a little family that lived near San Francisco, California...
When the Mom and Dad were dating, he used to call her "Pokkadot" (unfortunately, spell check wasn't available for handwritten cards). While time passed and the two got married, the nickname slowly faded. Until one day, a baby was born, and suddenly he took on the name of "Pokkadot".
The Mom decided she just couldn't return to the corporate world after Pokkadot was born. After about a year and a half of being a Mom, she decided she was ready to embark on a new adventure, but just couldn't figure out what. So, the Mom and Dad put their heads together and thought really hard about what she loved and what she was good at...
She loved shopping for her Pokkadot, but always had a difficult time finding the perfect all-in-one internet store. She had a background in the internet business, and of course, a background in shopping. The Dad builds websites, and is just real computer smart.
So... that's the story of Pokkadot's Mom and Dad and how our dream came to be."

A Nap Is In My Future Bodysuit - Here´s a fortune that´s sure to come true! This adorable white snap bottom onepiece has short sleeves and red contrast stitching. The front reads A nap is in my near future, followed by five lucky numbers, just like you cracked it right out of a fortune cookie! The back has a cute Chinese Panda surrounded by two bamboo sprigs. It´s perfectly packaged in a Chinese take out box. Makes a fabulous gift - too cute to giftwrap! $23.00

JJ Cole Logic Bag in Silver Graphite - With the new logic carrying system, diaper bags no longer need to be bulky, one pouch storage bins. Specifically designed to fit your basic needs, this urban tote is a practical choice for every outing, every day. $30.00

Crouching Father Hidden Toddler - It contains the treasured wisdom that will help new dads master the Buddha-like patience required to be on the receiving end of projectile pureed spinach, sleep-deprived moms, and toys with Some Assembly Required. Experienced dad and aspiring guru C.W. Nevius expounds on the ancient concept of wu wei (i.e., going with the flow) as well as some handy tips picked up from kung fu movies. An array of short essays ponder on such koans as What is the sound of one child napping? Also revealed are such proven parenting techniques as apprenticing with a learned sensei—that is, the father of a child who doesn´t bite. Whimsical illustrations and a winning compact format make this a perfect gift for Father´s Day and co-ed baby showers. Warm and encouraging, Crouching Father, Hidden Toddler provides the one necessity for any samurai facing a Mt. Fuji of diapers: laughter. $9.95

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