Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Like the real thing!

emerald key ring
Hold the keys to Emerald City in your hands… You’re DEFINITELY not in Kansas anymore… This giant emerald ring is perfect for organizing your keys, with five attached sub loops… It comes in a gorgeous gift box that folds open… $18.00

diamond paperweight
This isn't the Hope diamond but it's close....we think it would make even Elizabeth Taylor weak in the knees. Give this paper weight as a gift to someone you really want to impress! Diamond is made of glass, set of 8, 2" diameter. $78.00

diamond ring napkin rings
Celebrate a friend's new ring with a little napkin bling. Presented in a velvety box, just like the real thing, these diamond ring napkin rings are guaranteed to get a laugh from the engagement party or bridal shower crowd. Makes a great engagement gift too. Diamond is 1.75" diameter. Napkin ring has 2" diameter. Set of 4. $48.00

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