Friday, December 15, 2006

Eco-friendly NEW finds

I'm in constant 're-educating myself' mode. Not too long ago, I became a big fan of recycling thanks to a number of 'eco-friendly' companies who are re-inventing the "from trash to treasure" philosophy through neat products, giving us the chance to make a difference. I couldn't wait to pass around these new finds:
We don't understand the affinity either, but we're all for it because they find fun new meaning in something that was otherwise trash-bound. That's why we love our Cardboard Cat Bed. It's made from 50% recycled, reinforced cardboard that's much sturdier than just any ol' box, plus it keeps your kitty cozy and gives her a place to nibble and scratch other than your furniture. $26.00
Part resource-saver, part conversation-starter, our Tissue Ring is an eco-smart reminder that less really is more. Now you can buy tissues in bulk, split the amount between rooms and put only one box in your recycling bin. Made of polished recycled stainless steel, it’s perfectly engineered to allow one tissue through at a time while remaining steadfastly in place. $22.00
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