Friday, December 15, 2006

Celebrate your Holidays with Natty Products

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Buy today and receive 20% off your entire order and as a bonus you will receive "free" extra samples to indulge in!
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Natural Handmade Bath & Body Products by Natty Products

COMPLETE SKINCARE KIT - Put your best face forward with our easy four step process to clean, clear and balanced skin. 100% concentrated and packed full of botanical ingredients that nourish and hydrate naturally. Each kit includes: 1 oz Wash, 1 oz Hydrator, 2 oz Dry Powder Mask and 0.5 oz Neroli Face Serum. Choose from either Rosy Cheeks for normal to dry skin or Envy balancing for normal to oily skin. $55.00

Natural Handmade Bath & Body Products by Natty Products

FRESH INDULGENCE SPA KIT - Indulge your body, mind and spirit in fresh aromas and soothing ingredients. Kit Includes: 16 oz Bath Salts, 4 oz Butter for the Body, 4.2 oz Aroma Buds – Natural Suds and our Aroma Rolls Perfume. Choose the scent of your kit and begin a nightly ritual of fresh indulgence. $48.00

"We strive to keep our products fun, simple, hip and of course as natural as possible. By offering products with less chemical fillers and ingredients; we lessen the amount of toxic burden on our body. Natty Products bridging the gap between "hip" and "hippy" bath and body." - Natty Products

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