Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's FUN at Calliope Boutique?

Calliope, a woman-owned boutique, is the brainchild of a pair of young entrepreneurs with a passion for people, celebrations, and beautiful things. Beauty inspires and is all around us...a thoughtful gesture, a job well done, originality, warmth. We created this place to help you celebrate life's beauty, share something inspiring with others, and pamper yourself.
ice kabob molds - Stir up some fun and add a cOoOol touch to your beverages. These extended ice cubes double as handy swizzle sticks. Each food-grade silicone rubber tray makes three skewers. 8x4.5x1 $10.00

self shaking salt and pepper shakers - Now you can add a dash of fun to your meals. Just pull the cord, invert and hold. The Self Shakers do all the work! Traditional diner-style in contemporary warm red and nectarine color. Made of food-safe plastic. 2 per box. 4 inches tall. Great gift for the chef or chef-wanna-be that has everything. sale $9.95

Wine Lines - wine glass tags. Can't find your chianti? Misplaced your merlot? Don't fret. Wine Lines are here to save the soiree! Insert the band through the slot and tighten around the stem of your glass. Voila - your rosé is recognizable! Wine Lines are soft, flexible, stretchable, washable synthetic rubber. Easy to slip onto a wineglass, and unobtrusive once in place. Twelve different color tags make for a perfect party pack. Each tag has a comment that is great fun to break the ice. Which one will you claim as your own? overpriced, complex, immature, rich, formidable, earthy, supple, opulent, ripe, volatile, sturdy and vintage.
Size is 3.5" long. Fits easily in your pocket or purse so you can bring them to a party and share with your friends. A great way to get noticed!

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Ooh la love. Love the wooden cuffs, they remind me of work by Bells & Whistles (maybe is the same designer).

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