Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary Design-her Gals!

"This weekend is the kickoff to our 1 year anniversary! So I could not start the celebration without thank you! I can’t believe it has been a year since we first “met” and I so much appreciate all you have done for me...
Rosie you are the best – I believe when passion and people collide – anything is possible. Thanks for helping that happen!"
- Jeanne!
Since it is an anniversary -- I have a couple of toasts to make (bring out the champagne!) "Here is to all of those (and you know who you are) who helped make our site the success it has been this year." Yes Oprah, you go right up there on the list, but there were many others. I will always be grateful to Mary Lou, Jen and Tracy (from Just Ask A Woman) for being my fairy god-mothers and helping us LISTEN to what you all wanted for this site. Thank you to all those who attended the focus groups that got our site launched and all of you who sent me emails to let me know your great ideas on how to make the site better and what to add to the design and accessory section. Without your ideas (and please keep them coming this year), we would not have the fun things we do today. Thank you, Kate and Jacki (my personal stylists on the site and the ones who made our Gals' star truly shine). Thank you, Mommy Blog and Thrifty Boutique for being the first to let women know about us. Your support has continued to help our cause.

For the entire month of August we will be giving away FREE note cards and sticker sets. Design-her Gals will be GIFTING a FREE set of note cards or stickers for every 10 sales made on our website. I will be posting the names right here each day on my "rant". Keep checking back to see if your name is here! We will send you an email as well. Tell all your friends that August is the month to shop on! And for each and every one of you we are giving you my favorite type of paper...Money! Yes, you have Ten Dollars to spend every time you shop on our site through August 31st (how lucky there are 31 days this month!) Just enter: CONGRATS (all upper case) in the PROMO section at check out and your order becomes $10 less.

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