Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TB spotlight: Glow Fusion

They plumped your pucker and relaxed your wrinkles with some of the most advanced technology available. Now Fusion Beauty revolutionizes the healthy tan with GlowFusion, a new self tanner that gives good glow from the inside out: Micro-nutrient technology enables super effective absorption of a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants, giving skin a seriously relaxed, vacation-mode luminosity. Enhance and extend your sunny outlook with subtle color and major hydration—the nourishing formula absorbs easily and is odor-, stain-, and streak-free. With a system this goof-proof, there's no reason not to get glowing.

Of course you know it's bad to bake, but you've tried the fake (and orange is not your color). Finally, get the glow you were meant to have: GlowFusion's pure formula, derived from sugarcane, reacts with your skin's keratin to develop into a natural-looking shade that's perfect for your skin tone. And the revolutionary micronutrient technology means that vitamins and antioxidants are ushered straight into skin, imparting a gorgeous, healthy bronze—which lasts up to two fade-free weeks. 5 oz $58.00
Sponsored by, Inc.

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