Friday, June 16, 2006

Taking control

I have to say, I wish we had more 'real' women-oriented ventures like Just in Case.
We 'have to' be prepared, think ahead... it's our nature to be emotional but, today... taking control of our actions/bodies is priority, no matter how old or young you are.
"We believe we can take the messages in the media about safe sex practices and the risks of unplanned pregnancy, the epidemic numbers of AIDS or STD's, and transform them into action with Just in Case®. We provide a product that will discreetly and stylishly protect and make a difference in the lives of sexually active women, and restore her self-respect, confidence, and honoring of her own body."
How many times did you send your partner to get protection, or even to get your own feminine products? :) Hey, you are not the only one.
"We provide the privacy to purchase our condoms online, as well. We provide an online dialogue for women to share ideas, and some of the latest news in fields of sex education and health."
Pass around this review, join the Love Well. Love Wisely. ™ philosophy.

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