Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Adding another 2 cents to the cause

"I'm a girl of many skills :) but simple things like picking the right greeting card takes me for ever... I always end up sending a boring 'feeling guilty' e-card :( I truly believe Design-her Gals was thinking about me when launched the customized stationery concept..." - Rosie, Aug. '05
I proudly promote this incredible company, the artistic concept,
The Gal to Gal Foundation and the great cause behind it, so bare with me, ok?
"...We believe in giving back, in whatever way we can. To that end, we've launched the Gal to Gal Foundation, dedicated to financially and emotionally supporting those patients diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. We encourage you to join us in our commitment.
PRINT ALL YOU WANT - WHEN YOU WANT!! Pay one time and print at home for 1 full year!
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