Monday, March 26, 2007

TB introducing Karmaloop Kazbah

"Kazbah brands are independent retailers hand selected by Karmaloop. Kazbah always has the newest brands before anywhere else and the following ones are no exception." Karmaloop

Japan Loves Hip Hop Tee - T-shirts By Jeepney: Even the Geishas love a little Hip-Hop now and then. $31.00

Red Dandelion Hoody - Sweatshirts By Umsteigen: Long slim, low collar hoody with pockets and white dandelion print on front body/back body and blue print detail on front body. 96% cotton/rayon, 4% spandex sheer red striped jersey and white rib trim. $96.00

Find these eclectic products and many more under Kazbah Store at:
Karmaloop LLC

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