Thursday, March 01, 2007

Girls Night IN

We can be sissies, drama queenies, tough cookies on a daily basis. But, from time to time we just wanna have fun, forget about the Hollywood glow, the celebrity diet's tips... because, sometimes... the best therapy is to sit back & laugh it off :)

With friends like these, who needs enemies? The nerve! But of course, that’s what you love about your friends – who else could be so cheeky and charming and bitchy at once? Pack of 20 cocktail napkins $4.75

Plastic surgery no more! This adorable doll will transform any bulge or sag. Perfect for any female over 30. This doll is the perfect substitute for you next "say no to botox party". Just place the pin in the appropriate place as the symptoms arise. Works wonders on cellulite... 12" h x 8" w, made of cotton. Assorted hair colors. Sorry, no choosing. $18.00

It's ever so sophisticated to claim a signature martini. The "Shaken, Not Stirred" version may have been James Bond's most powerful accessory. Declare your preference with 'Martini Madness' Drink Spots, olive-shaped decals that stick to glasses and remind the bartender how you take your poison. 1" diameter. Set of 6 $6.00

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